1. one who condemns or censors
  2. (historic) a Roman census administrator, also a judge of public behavior and morality
  3. an official responsible for the removal of objectionable or sensitive content
  4. (psychology) a hypothetical subconscious agency which filters unacceptable thought before it reaches the conscious
  5. (acronym) Censors Ensure No Secrets Over Radios

6 letters in word "censor": C E N O R S.

Anagrams of censor:

Words found within censor:

cens cero ceros con cone cones cons cor core cores corn corns cors corse cos cose crone eco en ens eon eons er ern erns eros ers es ne no noes nor nos nose noser oe oes on once oncer onces one oner oners ones ons or orc orcs ore ores ors os ose re rec recon recs ren rens res roc rocs roe roes rone rones rose sco scone score scorn sec seco sen senor ser seron snore so soc son sonce sone sore sorn